Land Clearing Services

If you are in the market for top-notch land grading and clearing service, then look no further than SK Excavating. Our professional crew will strip down your land to the dirt and clear the dirt of any obstacles or debris that may hinder potential construction. We can provide land grading services that provide a strong foundation for building as well.

Land Clearing for Construction Sites

If you require the removal of vegetation, trees, or any other hindrances from a piece of land to start a construction project, SK Excavating can get the job done. Our company has a fleet of custom equipment that can safely and efficiently eliminate all foliage and obstacles from your land. We follow a multi-step land clearing process that will strip the land down to the bare dirt to ensure you have a clean slate to start your construction process.

Dirt Clearing Services for Construction Projects

As soon as the land surface has been cleared, there may still be obstacles within the soil that need to be properly addressed, which is where our dirt clearing services come into play. We can clear your dirt of any rocks, stumps, or additional hindrances that may be found within the soil that could potentially create a problem with the grading and overall preparation of the construction site. Our dirt clearing team will unearth holes and build dirt piles around the property to create a straightforward layout for the construction team.

Land Grading Services

SK Excavating has the equipment and experience to take care of dirt grading services for an assortment of construction projects. Land grading refers to the method of moving soil to a lower area from a higher location to create a plane that is free of variation. By grading the dirt that was cleared and excavated, it creates the solid foundation that your construction project will now be built on. The adequate grading of dirt can ultimately help fight against erosion throughout the course of your constriction project, as it provides sufficient drainage away from the constriction site.

If you would like to learn more information about our land clearing and grading services or you’re ready to begin a constriction project, contact us at SK Excavating today.